Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Maths Problem | How old is everyone else?

This week for maths we were given a maths problem from Ms Kirkpatrick which was based on age of people. In the problem there were 5 names and it gave a few hints to how old they were. We needed to figure out how old all of them were. We knew how old one of them them were which was Richard because it said Richard is 15 years old. I found it a bit easy but I also found it fun because we did some multiplying and diving in it (which I like). For this activity we were either to work with a partner, by yourself or with a teacher if you needed help. I worked with Sanujan and we explained the process of how we found the answers.


  1. Great work from you and your partner. The strategy to use was to work backwards through the information, it should have been relatively easy to work out.

    1. Hi Ms. Kirkpatrick thank you for taking your time to read my maths DLO. I appreciate your comment. I really enjoyed this maths problem and can't wait to solve another one.

      Thank you!