Thursday, 3 May 2018

Sailing at Okahu Bay

On Wednesday there were twenty three lucky students (including me) who went to sailing at Okahu Bay. We were part of the "Sailing.... Have a go' programme. This programme was run by Sailing New Zealand and sponsored by Rotary. This was an amazing opportunity to learn something new outside of school instead of using Chromebooks. We got to learn how to sail which was an amazing experience for those who haven't sailed. The hard part was putting our sailing suits on because it was really tight and small. We learnt how to form a sailing boat . Forming the boat looked easy but when we did it ourselves it was pretty tricky. I learn that the rudder which is at the back of the sailing boat controls the boat and the Centerboard is used to balance the boat. I also learnt that if we wanted to sail left we had to control the rudder to turn right. It was confusing because we were use to controlling this left as left and right as right. Fraidoon (partner) and I took turns controlling the rudder and the sail. The part I enjoyed most was playing follow the leader because everyone crashed into each other and tryed to be in front. A big thank you to "Sailing... Have a go", Mr Ogilvie for preparing this event and Mr Johnson, Mrs Kirkpatrick and Mrs Colenbrander for coming and supervising us.   

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