Thursday, 17 May 2018

Kiwisport | Rippa Rugby

Today was our first session for Kiwi Sport. We were excited and couldn't wait to play. Our Kiwisport coach was Hamish from the Marist Rugby club which most of us knew him from a lot of our Rugby Inter schools so we got a long with him quite quickly. First we played a game of Netball Rugby. In this game we were split into two groups. The aim of the game was to pass the ball (rugby rule) to our team without running (netball rule) and try to get to the other side of the field. It was a bit tricky for me because I'm always use to running with ball since I play rugby. Soon we played a game where we had to pass the ball in our team line trying to reach to the end of our group. This game was a really competitive game because people were eager to pass the ball quickly up and down the line. People were to excited so they dropped the ball and had to start again. At the end of the session we played Netball Rugby again but instead we were allowed to run with the ball and you had to tag the opposite team with two hands. I felt happy today because I played a sport that is of real interest to me.

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