Thursday, 17 May 2018

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today at Kiwi Can we were revisiting our theme and topic. Our theme for this term is integrity which means doing the right thing when we know no one is looking. Our topic for this term is Making Good Choices. First we talked about how we can show good choices in our class and in our community. I said that I can show good choices in my class by helping my classmates if they are stuck in any situation and not playing games during learning time. We also discussed about how making bad choices have consequences. For example if you fight someone at school the consequence will probably be getting expelled or getting growled at. For our activity today we played a game called hand soccer. This is similar to soccer but instead you use your hand. This was a really enjoyable and competitive game. At the end we were given points for showing the 5 Kiwi Can values which is Respect, Encouragement, Positive Attitude, Participation and Teamwork. The points were scored out of 5 and at the end we got 23 points. I think for next time we need show more positive attitude towards our Kiwi Can tutors and to our teacher.

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