Tuesday, 8 May 2018

She's Nice Our Teacher | A Poem Written by Judith Nicholls

This week for writing both Ms Kirkpatrick group were focusing on a poem called 'She's Nice Our Teacher' which was written by an author name Judith Nicholls who writes children books. For our task we were to read the poem and find 5 synonyms (a word that is similar to another word/e.g - kind:tender) of the word NICE. Then we were to find the joke that was in the poem which was pretty easy find. The joke was 'as long as a string'. After that we were to re-write the poem but instead find another boring and simple word to use. Jeremiah and I replaced the word NICE for LITTLE which a word new entrance kids would use.We found more interesting words to use then little like minute or elfin. I found this task enjoyable and wish to do this again with another poem. 

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