Friday, 15 June 2018

Own Task:Created with my teacher - Gold Excellence & Innovation

Today there were 8 students including me who were picked to go into the Junior rooms and help them with their Reading, Maths, and blogging skills but today we only focused on helping the juniors read their books and with their maths. It was really interesting to see how the juniors were very interactive with their learning. Mele, Tiava and I went to Room 3 (year 1's) and loved the way the kids worked because they were accountable with their own learning. First we were to read with a junior student and then ask them a couple of questions about the books for example what is the name of the bear who fell down? Or which shop did James love the most? This will help them understand anything they read a lot more better and will expand their knowledge. We tried our best to get through everyone. Through out our lesson we got the chance to see what they do on their iPads. On their iPads we went on their maths site and helped them solve out their maths equations. We also went on Sunshine Classics (a digital program for reading) and heard them reading their book that is set for their own reading levels. We taught some of the student how to sound out words such as shouted and shopping. It was really enjoyable being with the Juniors and learning with them. Hopefully the Juniors will apply the knowledge we have taught them in the future. 

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