Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Comrades Ultra marathon Research Challenge

The comrades ultra marathon was reconginsed of a ex-member of the armed force who wanted to remember his fellow soldiers who had passed away in the war. The first comrade ultra marathon started in 1921 with 34 people from age of 20 years and older, compared to the 2018 comrade ultra marathon (that happened on Sunday, June 10) there was 20,000 people who took part in the ultra marathon that was 90 km long. This is a really common sport now and even people from the age of 80 years old continue to run this event. In my perspectives I think this is a really fun sport even though your running for a long time, but you have a lot of people around you that encourage you to never give up. Most people in this race are determined to do this race and determined to get a Gold medal. As part of our reading task we were to create a DLO about the comrade ultra marathon. In my group there was Jeremiah, San Kyaw, Tiava and me. We included relevant information such as the map showing the two destinations of the race, the qualities possessed by comrade runners. Why?, why is there a cut of time?, how might the runners feel if they got pulled out of the race, words and definitions of the qualities we wrote, and also photos/videos that showed the 5 qualities we wrote down. Our group really enjoyed researching about the comrade ultra marathon and hope that one day we try out this race. 

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