Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Can Reflection

This week was our 5th session of Kiwi Can with Mr Matt and Miss Lily. Kiwi Can is a really supportive guideline group that explore a lot of qualities and values that can make us a better person in the future. Our theme is the same which is Integrity (which means doing the right thing when know one is looking) although we have a new module which is Accountability. Accountability means when someone is responsible for their own actions. At school I can live with accountability by making sure I finish all work that is need to be finished and also bringing my PE on Thursday for Kiwisport and Rugby League training. Our energizer we played was called 'copy me.' For this game Mr Matt had a pile of cards from Ace (1) to Kings. On the whiteboard it had all the card numbers as it was said from Ace (1) to Kings. The game was played when Mr Matt gave us a card for example '9' and then there was a certain task we had to do on the board, such as 10 star jumps in 10 seconds or act like a zombie for 5 seconds. The goal was to see who got the most cards at the end. Our activity today was called 'Green light' which most of us have played before. We were to get into partners and then make a circle. One partner had to be in front of the circle and the other had to be behind.The game was played when Miss Lily says green light which means switch positions. If she says red light the person in front of the circle was to carry his partner. If Miss Lily says yellow light we were to sit on our partners lap and if she says Fruit Salad the person behind of the circle was to power walk behind the circle. The goal was to not be the last person to get back to your position.

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