Monday, 18 December 2017

Christmas Shoe Box In New Zealand

Today LS2 were discussing about Christmas Shoe Box NZ. Christmas Shoe box N.Z. is an organisation that people volunteer to make an unlucky and lonely child in New Zealand happy on Christmas day. Christmas is not about who has the most presents or most expensive things it means giving to others and caring for them. Christmas Shoe Box NZ is here for a purpose and this purpose is to make a child in New Zealand feel notable and loved. There a kids around the world who don't have anything and this is why people are giving. A two dollar coloring book would make a child smile and happy. The children who receives presents from other will feel loved and it makes them feel delighted. Jeremiah and I have made a DLO about Christmas Shoe Box N.Z. The links above shows you a DLO showing the gifts we would give kids in other countries. The other link is a video about Christmas Shoe Box in New Zealand. 

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