Friday, 22 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 - Day 4 - Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity: Musical Festivals – Matatini

In New Zealand, a huge festival is held every two years, called Te Matatini. This performing arts festival celebrates the tikanga (culture or customs) of Māori. Kapa Haka groups from around New Zealand are invited to attend the festival and each group gives a 25-minute performance. The performances are judged and the best teams win prizes.

The gold medal winning team from this year (2017) was Te Kapa Haka o Whāngārā Mai Tawhiti.

Watch these three clips from previous Te Matatini festivals.

Te Iti Kahurangi

Te Puku o Te Ika

On your blog, rank the performances from your favourite (#1) to least favourite (#3) and tell us why you gave them the ranking that you did.

I think the first one (Tamatea Arikinui) was the best one for me because they were moving a lot which is good. #1

I think the second one (Te Iti Kahurangi) was my my second best one because I liked their singing. #2

I think the third one (Te Puku o Te Ika) was my least favorite one because they didn't move that much. #3


  1. Hi Ofa,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team.

    Good work with this activity. I found it difficult to rank these performances because they were all so good! But I think you've done a good job here.

    I put Tamatea Arikinui in second place, but I see how you could put it in first place. The way they moved with the poi was amazing, wasn't it! I wonder how you felt about the tune.

    What do the lyrics mean for Tamatea Arikinui? I think it's important to like the meaning of a song just as much as you like the tune. It would be great if you could find out what the lyrics mean and share that here on your blog.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Hello Ofa
    Great job on completing this summer learning activity. I agree with Ruby, all of those performances were pretty good. You did an amazing job - keep up the good work.